MI6 also in on Libya oil for terrorist deal

Daily Mail:

New questions about the extent of the Government’s involvement in the trade deals that led to the release of the Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, were raised last night with the revelation that an MI6 agent flew to Libya with former BP boss Lord Browne for two cloak-and-dagger meetings with Colonel Gaddafi.

Jeff Chevalier, the ex-lover of Lord Browne, has told The Mail on Sunday that Browne was ‘shocked’ when the agent made a reference to his relationship with Mr Chevalier, indicating the authorities knew about their liaison, which was a closely guarded secret.

The hanky panky associated with this deal continues to amaze. It is beginning to sound like the plot of a bad spy thriller. If this gets much weirder, people will be competing for movie rights.

What is still amazing is that I thought the deal was bad enough before there were revelations about swapping a terrorist for an oil deal. The original explanation was almost as bad as the latest stories on why the deal happened.


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