Climate change comes to Canada

Winnipeg Free Press:

If you’ve been of the opinion that the weather in Winnipeg has never been so bad — you’re right.

Environment Canada says that Winnipeg will set a local record today for nine consecutive months of below-seasonal temperatures.

"You’ve never had nine consecutive months of below-seasonal temperatures before," meteorologist Alyssa Charbonneau said this morning.

Charbonneau said the mean average temperature for the month of August has been 17.27 C — more than a full degree cooler than the average of 18.5 C for this month.


Maybe they would feel warmer if they used the Fahrenheit scale. While Washington, Texas has not been as cool as Winnipeg, August has been much cooler than July which is a reversal of normal trends. As George Straight might say, perhaps we will feel the chill of an early fall.


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