'Road clearing' operations in Waziristan



The strikes hit about 40 kilometres east of South Waziristan's main town Wana, security and military officials said, with a handful of troops and militants killed in the bombing and clashes.

‘This is basically a road clearance operation. Gunships and heavy artillery are taking part. Jet fighters also bombed their positions,’ a military official based in Peshawar told AFP.

A security official said paramilitary forces were clearing about 20 kilometres of road from South Waziristan to the neighbouring Dera Ismail Khan district to make it secure for paramilitary and military movement.

‘We are facing some minor resistance, militants are firing rockets and using other weapons,’ the security official said.

The military official in Peshawar said: ‘Two paramilitary troops were martyred and seven injured during two days of operations. Several militants have been killed and an unknown number of them injured in the operation.’


This seems to reflect the languid pace of Pakistan military operations into the heart of the Taliban terrorist operations. But, at least it reflects movement. It would be a good time to pick up the pace and take advantage of Taliban disarray.


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