'Documented' illegals targeted in Houston

Houston Chronicle:

Immigration officials on Wednesday announced plans to create a task force to crack down what they described as a tremendous local problem — immigration document and benefit fraud.

“We've noticed a tremendous amount of document and benefit fraud occurring within the Greater Houston area,” said Pat McElwain, the assistant special agent in charge for Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Houston and head of the newly created task force.


He said a recent case in Houston, the prosecution of former immigration attorney Kenneth Rothey, who pleaded guilty to involvement in an elaborate visa fraud scam, is an example of the type of case that will be targeted by the new task force.

McElwain said common types of immigration fraud detected in Houston include fraudulent documents such as Social Security cards, driver's licenses and birth certificates.


This looks like an outgrowth of the crackdown on "undocumented aliens." It appears that those here illegally are enhancing their lawbreaking in hopes of sticking around. It is another form of criminality that should also enhance their likelihood of deportation with a possible prison sentence before they go.


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