Democrat hypocrisy watch

Peter Baker, Caucus Blog:

The Democratic National Committee wasted no time Friday slamming Gov. Charlie Crist of Florida for installing a Republican crony in the Senate as a seat warmer until Mr. Crist can run for the post himself next year.

Within hours of Mr. Crist’s appointment of his former chief of staff, George LeMieux, to fill a vacant seat until next year’s election, the D.N.C. sent reporters an e-mail message highlighting a St. Petersburg Times editorial assailing the decision under the headline, “Crist Serves Himself, Not Florida, With Appointment.”

“Gov. Charlie Crist could have appointed a former congressman, a former legislator, a former Jacksonville mayor, a former state attorney general, or even a former to the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Mel Martinez,” the editorial said. “Instead, the governor chose his alter ego to keep the seat warm for 16 months as he campaigns for it.”

As questionable as that may be, it might seem like a strange thing for the D.N.C. to complain about at the very moment Democrats around the country were mourning the death of their spiritual leader, Senator Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts. After all, Mr. Kennedy got to the Senate through circumstances pretty much like those that the D.N.C. now disdains in Florida.

It should also be noted that the Democrats are trying to game the system in replacing Kennedy now. Baker also notes that Biden used a similar arrangement for his replacement after being elected Vice President.

I suspect that the DNC will not even blush with embarrassment at being caught, but kudos to Baker for pointing it out.


  1. "As questionable as that may be," What has Crist done that is questionable? He has the right to appoint anyone he chooses.
    Peter Baker lists several political hacks that Crist should appoint over his selection George LeMieux, Mel Martinez is a rino and LeMieux will be a hell of an improvement.
    The St. Pete Slimes will endorse Kendrick Meek (D) for Mel Martinez’s Senate seat.


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