The Cheney response to Obama screw up

Washington Post:

The Justice Department's decision Monday to expand an existing investigation of potentially illegal actions related to the CIA's counterterrorism program provoked fresh criticism from former vice president Richard B. Cheney, a strong supporter of the harsh interrogation techniques central to the program.

Cheney said in a statement released Monday that "President Obama's decision to allow" prosecutor John H. Durham -- a Republican appointed during the Bush administration to look into the CIA's destruction of interrogation videotapes -- to examine the legality of other interrogation-related activities was "a reminder, if any were needed" of why some Americans question the Obama administration's ability to protect the nation.

Cheney added that CIA summaries of the results of its interrogations, released on Monday at his request, document that the agency's implementation of Bush administration policies was "directly responsible for defeating all efforts by al-Qaeda to launch further mass casualty attacks" on the country.


Second guessing by liberals is part of their nature, I guess. But I know they would be at the front of the line criticizing the Bush administration if these plots had not been stopped. They are just so disingenuous when it comes to national security. It is why I don't trust them and why I think voters should not put them in a position to effect national security.

I trust Cheney's judgment more than I will ever trust Obama or Holder.


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