Sen. Flip-Flop flip-flops

Noelle Straub, Boston Herald:

Stung by criticism from key Democrats, Sen. John F. Kerry yesterday reversed course - saying he'll accept his party's nomination at Boston's Democratic National Convention after all.
Kerry had launched a trial balloon Friday, proposing to delay formal acceptance of the Democratic presidential nomination for five weeks after the Boston convention in hopes of blunting President Bush's fund-raising advantage.
``Boston is the place where America's freedom began, and it's where I want the journey to the Democratic nomination to be completed,'' Kerry said in a written statement. ``On Thursday, July 29, with great pride, I will accept my party's nomination for president in the city of Boston.''
Kerry was hoping to use the five weeks to raise and spend freely before accepting the $75 million in public funding for the general election.
Republicans had mocked Kerry for considering the possibility, saying it was one more example of Kerry living up to his image as a consummate waffler.
Top Democrats, including Sen. Edward M. Kennedy [related, bio], had privately fumed that Kerry had not consulted them before word leaked of his plans. Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino had publicly expressed displeasure with the idea.


Meehan noted that the Democratic National Committee could use up to $16 million on a coordinated campaign with the Kerry camp. He also said Kerry could use state and local parties to do additional fund-raising for advertising independent of Kerry's campaign.

Campaign finance laws for Demcorats are just a challenge to their creativity rather than something that is to be followed to the spirit of the law.


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