Kerry's opportunism

Thomas Sowell:

Sen. John Kerry is giving opportunism a bad name. First, there was his call for President Bush to release oil from the strategic petroleum reserve, in response to high gasoline prices. With a war raging in the Middle East, the last thing we need to do is reduce our own petroleum reserves for the sake of an election-year quick fix.

Mr. Kerry knows better. But he has to come up with something that at least gives the appearance of proposing his own policies and agendas, instead of just bashing Mr. Bush.


It would be a mistake, however, to think John Kerry has no principles or agenda. He just does not have any that he would dare reveal in an election year.

Both a liberal organization and a nonpartisan organization have rated Mr. Kerry's voting record in the Senate as more liberal than that of Ted Kennedy.

It is hard to believe there is much room on the political spectrum to the left of Ted Kennedy. But Mr. Kerry has found it. Now he has to hide it before the voters find out.

Mr. Kerry has no choice but to pretend to be something he is not, both personally and politically. An aloof and self-infatuated man who is not liked even by fellow Senate Democrats, Mr. Kerry has to learn to smile and act like a regular guy during the election campaign.


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