Something is not happening in Iraq

Liberal Dems and their media accomplices have really enjoyed fretting over how much damage the prison hazing photos were doing. Indeed many want to use them as an excuse to cut and run as John Kerry might say. But run from what? The insurgency of Sadr has collapsed under the dual pressure of US forces and Shia clerics. Falluja appears to be passified and there is new momentum on arresting those responsible for the atrocities against the American contractors.

But, what really is not happening is a general uprising or insistance on the US leaving Iraq. The fact that a few al Qaeda types explode themselves or a car or a roadside bomb does not mean that the US has failed or that it was wrong to liberate Iraq. The same group blows up their people in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan almost as often as they do in Iraq where they are concetrating their efforts.

Then June 30 sovereignity date means different things to different people. However for Saddam, it is something he fears probably more than anyone else. He may think Iraqi justice could be a little rough on him. Perhaps he fears that his hazing would not stop with wearing women's panties on his head. Whether this is coercive enough for him to finally cooperate is still unknown, but it one very good reason to stick with the turnover date. It would make sense to have his brutality on trial in time to give some perspective to the hazing episode that so appeals to the prurient interest of the liberals in the media.

If they were not so busy engaging in mental masturbation over the prison photos, perhaps the media would notice that what they claimed to fear (but secretly hoped for) has not happened.


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