Marines around Falluja moving to border area

Rowan Scarborough:

The lasting cease-fire in Fallujah has let U.S. Marines pull more forces from around the city and use them in new operations to stop foreign fighters from setting up safe houses in Iraqi villages near the border.
The new mission involves infantry units of the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force going town to town to eliminate any safe houses being used by fighters to infiltrate Iraq and kill coalition soldiers and citizens.


Sealing the Syrian border is one of the U.S.-led coalition's main missions this spring as it seeks to create a secure environment for Iraq's first free elections next year. Pentagon officials estimate there are several thousand foreign fighters, terrorists and mujahideen in Iraq, many of whom pass through Syria.
Coalition forces have captured or killed guerrillas from virtually every country in the region, including Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Sudan and Somalia.
Officials accuse Syria, led by a Ba'athist government that supports international terrorist groups, of facilitating the movement of foreign fighters by providing them with fake passports and staging areas.

Another example of how the war is being won. Will the rest of the media notice?


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