Media bias?

Steven den Beste:

Media bias? What media bias? The majority of those involved in news reporting are clearheaded moderates. (Just ask them.) It's the rest of us who are extremists.

In a story recently about the ongoing diplomatic stalemate with North Korea, Reuters reported:

The United States has rejected a North Korean push for a resumption of a nuclear power project in negotiations to dismantle its suspected nuclear arms programs, officials said on Wednesday.

In talks last week, the reclusive communist state offered to freeze its own nuclear activities in exchange for a U.S.-led consortium restarting construction of two light-water reactors, the officials said.

"We did not, I would say, welcome or entertain in any way that idea," State Department spokesman Adam Ereli said. "As a matter of policy ... we do not see a future for the light-water reactor project."

The United States, which suspects North Korea has built nuclear weapons, has insisted it will not discuss any concessions unless the energy-starved country commits to completely dismantling its nuclear programs.

The rejection underlined how far the United States remains from resolving the nuclear crisis despite several face-to-face negotiations with a country President Bush has bracketed in an "axis of evil" with prewar Iraq and Iran.

Hold on a minute, pardner! Why is it the US which is "far" from resolving the crisis? The clear implication here is that it the unreasonable demands being made by the US, and American unwillingness to compromise, which are the reason no agreement has been reached.

Which is utter baloney.


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