The Saudi "Quagmire"


Saudi Arabia was thrown into its own war on terror just more than a year ago, when suspected al-Qaeda militants launched triple suicide bombings in the capital Riyadh.

Then, the killing of 35 people in attacks on compounds housing foreigners was seen as a wake up call to the Saudi authorities, who had been accused of going easy on Islamic militants in the hope of avoiding trouble.


Heavy gunfire has been heard at an oil workers' compound in Saudi Arabia, where security forces have surrounded militants holding about 50 hostages.

The suspected Islamist militants earlier killed about 10 people in the city of Khobar, including foreigners.

It is the latest in a series of attacks on the kingdom's oil industry - the world's largest.

The Saudis have no place to run away to, unless they want to abandon their country to the barbarians of militant Islam. They cannot pick an arbitrary day to withdraw and quit fighting. In reality, the US cannot either. A US withdrawel under fire in IRaq would only postpone at best future attacks on the US. These people want to destroy the US just like they want to destroy the Saudi kingdom. But, the liberals still do not get it. They do not want to fight the islamist in Iraq. But, do they have a better battlefield in mind?


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