Media conceit and vanity

The prison hazing/abuse story is being driven by the media because of the belief that the US military and the Bush administration would not deal with those responsible for the episode without the media nattering on the subject.

The media rarely mentions that the problems were discovered by the military and they are being dealt with appropriately. There has been zero evidence that the Defense Department or Commanders have done anything to impede an orderly investigation in accordance with the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

So the obsession of many media outlets gives them an excuse to act like nothing would have been done if they had not published their porno images. Which gets to another reason why they are obsessed with their porno images. They want them to hurt the Bush administration (while acting like they don't care because the story is soooo important). They also want to hurt the war effort, because if the war succeeds then many of them will be proven wrong on so many issues their political point of view will be wholly discredited, and that is more important to them than defeating terrorist and demonstrating that insurgencies can be defeated.

While it is not a stated goal of the liberation of Iraq, it is of great importance to demonstrate to our adversaries that they cannot achieve their objectives through the use of insurgencies or asymmetrical warfare. If the US can defeat this strategy of theirs it can defeat them because then they will know they have no hope of defeating the US. That would be a win for the US and the whole world.

But, the left in this country is very invested in the notion that the US cannot defeat insurgencies. That is one of the central tenants of what remains of the Vietnam syndrome. Before the 91 Gulf war the Vietnam syndrome manifested itself as opposing any use of force which was deemed to be just a prelude to a quagmire.

The quagmirest even pulled out this fantasy in the early days of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Because there is a really weak insurgency going on in Iraq at the moment, the quagmirest think they have been validated. That is why they are so eager to retreat in the face of victory. By any reasonable measure, the US and its coalition is winning in Iraq. There is no existing military force in Iraq or elsewhere that can defeat the US forces in Iraq. Given that reality, opponents of victory are focusing on putting defeat into the hearts and minds of Americans at home. It is one of the most disgraceful actions in the history of this country.

This election is going to determine whether the defeatist vision of the deranged that believe AlGore and MoveOn are going to prevail, over those of us who really want to defeat the Islamist terrorist where ever they are, including Iraq.


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