Kerry's chain of command in Vietnam

Investor's Business Daily:

Adm. Elmo Zumwalt, chief of naval operations in Vietnam, prophesied that John Kerry's career there would come back to haunt him.

The prophesy has come to pass.


Investor's Business Daily recently spoke with O'Neill, who by coincidence took over as skipper of Kerry's boat, PCF-94, after he left.

IBD: John Kerry's entire chain of command said he is unfit to be commander in chief. Do you feel it was adequately covered by the press?

O'Neill: No. Understand that having spent so many millions and millions of dollars in advertising to portray himself as a war hero, it's very hard for people to even sit and listen to the first-party testimony that we had and realize they've been taken by him.

But the truth is the mainstream press has simply been taken, by which I mean totally duped by him.

IBD: Did The Associated Press cover the event?

O'Neill: A reporter from The Associated Press attended the news conference and then refused to write a story on it.

AP received many inquiries asking, "Why have you not run a story on it?" They simply issued a statement saying they didn't believe it added anything to the dialogue between veterans and John Kerry.

IBD: What about the Kerry camp's charge that your effort was steered and paid for by Republicans?

O'Neill: It's ironic because they've paid for all the veterans supporting them. The people are literally on salary. . . . They're typically flown around on a plane. None of us have been paid by the Republicans; none of our bills or expenses. And in fact none of us has any serious tie of any kind with any party.


IBD: Grant Hibbard, one of Kerry's commanders, went into some detail about Kerry's first Purple Heart, received for a scratch on his hand. How could Kerry get a Purple Heart for something like that without his commanding officer knowing?

O'Neill: Those are part of the records Kerry's hiding. Kerry claimed he released all records. What he won't do is execute Standard Form 180. That removes Kerry as gatekeeper and lets the Department of Defense actually show up with the records. Kerry will never execute Standard Form 180.

Among the records that are missing are anything on his first Purple Heart except the certificate itself.

We know he made a request for that Purple Heart from Commander Hibbard, who turned it down. We know he appealed that in some fashion. We know there has to be paperwork on how it was granted. All that has now disappeared.

By the way it isn't only Commander Hibbard but also the doctor. Dr. Louis Letson was the doctor who actually treated him. . . .

Letson recalled treating him for that first Purple Heart. The reason he recalled it is that when the crewman came in, they told him he was running for president.

This was in 1969.

He looked at it and said, "Why are you here?" because it was a tiny splinter, and Kerry said, "I've been wounded by hostile fire and I need medical attention."

And the people began making fun of him and they told the doctor, "Look, he just wounded himself with his own grenade." What he'd done is shoot his grenade too close to his boat and a little tiny bit of shrapnel, an infinitesimal amount, came back and hit him.

Letson got tweezers and a small Band-Aid. Pulled the splinter out. Put the Band-Aid on and patted Kerry on the fanny and sent him on his way.

Each of the purported Purple Hearts are for scratches less than a rose prick . . . Each one involves virtually no serious wound of any kind. He then used the three Purple Hearts to escape from Vietnam.

There is much more if you follow the link.


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