Enviromental wackos not persuading majority of US

Washington Times:

More Americans prefer healthy wallets over protecting the environment, according to a poll by the Yale Center for Environmental Law and Policy.

Of 1,000 persons polled, 54 percent said that protecting the environment is important, but it is more important to keep the economy growing.


The poll also asked who is trusted most "as a source of information about environmental issues," President Bush or Democratic presidential contender Sen. John Kerry.

While 26 percent said they trust Mr. Bush "a lot," only 12 percent said Mr. Kerry. However, 35 percent said they do not trust Mr. Bush "at all," while 24 percent said they do not trust Mr. Kerry "at all."

Mr. Blackwelder called the numbers "astonishing" and credited Mr. Bush's high numbers to creative language.

"You get initiatives that actually weaken the Clear Air Act called 'Clear Skies' and you get initiatives that increase logging of forests that are promoted under the heading of 'healthy forests' and the fact is it's a handout to the timber industry on public lands," Mr. Blackwelder said.

As for Mr. Kerry's numbers, Mr. Blackwelder said, "I can't fathom why because he has a strong environmental voting record."

Of the total polled, 44 percent labeled themselves as environmentalists, and of the total polled who own a sport utility vehicle, 44 percent identified themselves as environmentalists.


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