Some Brits are worried about being hostile to Muslims

The Guardian has a particularly British liberal piece of hysteria over the treatment of Muslims in the UK.

Hostility towards Islam permeates every part of British society and will spark race riots unless urgent action is taken to integrate Muslim youths into society, according to a devastating report.

The Commission on British Muslims and Islamophobia (CBMI), which is chaired by a key government adviser to the Stephen Lawrence inquiry, warns that more and more Muslims feel excluded from society and simmering tensions, especially in northern English towns, are in danger of boiling over.

Members of the commission interviewed scores of British Muslims for their report, which will be published this week and will conclude that Britain is 'institutionally Islamophobic'.

Imagine a similar study focusing on Muslim's phobic reaction to "infidels" in the west. Do they have any concern about their hostility toward us demonstrated by mudering 3,000 Americans who could have cared less whether they are Muslims or any other religion might generate a backlash? It is surprising that there might be some hostility toward a religion that teaches hatred of us?

The report suggests the situation in Iraq has had a negative impact on religious tolerance in British society. It quotes from an interview with Labour peer Baroness Uddin, who comments that: 'The perception that our government is pandering to the neoconservatives of America has given rise to the belief that all Muslims are implicated in the aggression. Each of us is constantly being asked to apologise for acts of terror that befall the world.'

Is this person serious? While this may be just another attempt to scapegoat neoconservatives, which is UK liberal code for "the Jews," the staement is absurb on its face and shows substantial ignorace of neoconservative positions. It is in fact the neoconservatives who believe that Arabs and Muslims are capable of governing themselves in a democracy. It is neoconservatives who believe that it insulting to Arabs and Muslims to think they are incapable of self government. That is hardly the attitude of someone who is blaming all Muslims for the acts of the terrorist. The UK lib prejudice toward conservatives certainly seems to be founded on ignorance.


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