Al Qaeda's candidates

Dick Morris:

The election for president is a three-way race. No, its not Ralph Nader I’m talking about. It’s al Qaeda.

The terrorists have always shown a proclivity for participation in the democratic process by distinctly undemocratic means. From the bomb that shattered the prospects of the favored and ruling pro-Aznar Party in Spain to the terrorist attacks on the West Bank and in Israel that doomed the Labor Party and inaugurated Benyamin Netan-yahu’s party in Israel, the terrorists are well aware of the political implications of their mayhem on democratic elections. They follow the polls and time their interventions with a skill any American political consultant would envy.

Their capacity to disrupt elections in the United States was evident in the destruction of President Carter. Furious at the former president for sheltering the Shah of Iran, the Iranian militants seized American hostages and used their more than 400 days of captivity to make Carter appear even weaker and more vacillating that he was. Only when the Georgian was soundly defeated did they finally consent to the release of the hostages, ending the crisis along with the Carter presidency.

Now it is evident that the terrorists in Iraq are trying to do to Bush what their Shiite
brethren did to Carter. By manipulating the pace and ferocity of their guerrilla war, they are moving the poll numbers in America more surely than the combined efforts of the Kerry campaign and his allies in the 527 community. If George Soros himself were orchestrating their timing, it could not have a more profound effect on the U.S. election campaign.

Since the Iraqi terrorist offensive started in earnest, Bush has lost 15 points in job approval and 10 points in the head-to-head vote share. And still counting.


It is not the Governing Council in Baghdad that they wish to topple. It is the Bush administration in Washington. Their goal is not to assassinate the would-be rulers of Iraq. That is just a means to their end. Their objective is to defeat George W. Bush.

Democrats, like Kerry, have given al Qaeda reason to believe they will be better off with Democrats in office.


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