AP whack job

Oh, That Liberal Media:

Rosenblogger Matt Rosenberg has a couple of terrific posts about the, uh, hacks at the Associated Press who, uh, hack off selective parts of their stories. Like the one about the Iraqis who had their hands hacked off by Saddam Hussein:

Here's what's unaccountably missing from the AP story on the seven Iraqi men who got new prosthetic hands in Houston the other day, years after Saddam's thugs hacked them off. 1) It happened at Abu Ghraib - gosh, that wouldn't have any relevance to current events now, would it? 2) It was videotaped and used to intimidate other Iraqis - ditto! 3) There were nine men mutilated in that instance, not just seven, (and countless thousands more on other occasions).


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