US fertility rate a casualty of the war on men

Daily Caller:
The U.S. officially hit a new low in birth rate and, somehow, scientists are astonished.

Experts will argue this is merely a natural phenomenon — potentially the product of demographic transition, meaning, as a developing society reaches new technological echelons, a longer period of education is necessary for an increasingly complex workforce. This causes higher investment in children, which means fewer children are born. That’s one contributing factor.

Other parties will argue the couples are having children later. Male and female childbearing ages have risen to 28 and 30.9, respectively. This is another contributing factor.

Yet, scientists never ask themselves the most important question: What incentive do modern men have to get married?

Empirically, statistically, a worse point for male matrimony has never existed. A relatively recent study shows the inverse of what we initially thought: married couples are unhealthier than their single counterparts. Marriage is currently plagued with numbers telling men to run the opposite direction.

So, men should just marry “correctly,” right? As a result of a one-sided coin flip of benefits, women, who stand to gain the most from divorce, initiate it over 70 percent of the time. Additionally, once divorce occurs, 97 percent percent of alimony is the burden of men.

Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson accurately surmised the ominous danger of manhood and masculinity in America. Starting in almost every facet, men are falling behind, with lower educational attainment, a disappropriate suicide rate, and declining measures of fertility.

The crux of the issue was missing, however, and that is the family court system. Even disregarding the prospects of children, men fear divorce for the potential financial ruin associated with it. They have a right to fear.

When men lose, they lose a great deal financially and emotionally.

Only three major financially belligerent crimes (where the individual fails to pay) can get one locked behind bars: back-taxes, alimony and child support. Two of these are the “matrimonious crimes.” Courts decide the lump sum given as spousal support and rarely is there any sympathy given.
There is more.

The European rate is even lower than the US rate.   The rates are higher in low functioning countries.  It is a serious problem that is not being adequately addressed because of the liberal matriarchy.  Their obvious hostility toward men is having a negative effect on society as a whole.


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