Media thinks Putin will get too much from Trump?

NY Times:

In Meeting With Putin, Experts Fear Trump Will Give More Than He Gets

Foreign policy officials, including some in his own administration, fear a repeat of President Trump’s encounter with Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader.
I do not accept the premise that Kim got very much in return for agreeing to negotiate the denuclearization of his country.  Certainly, the war games can be easily reinstated if he reneges on the deal.  In fact, he did not have to pay for the hostage releases the way Obama did with Iran and he has gotten North Korea's agreement to return the remains of Americans killed during the war.  North Korea will get nothing of enduring value until it denuclearizes.

I have seen no evidence that Trump feels he owes anything to Putin.  He seems to have a genuine belief that it would be good for world peace if the two countries can improve their relationship.  What does the media think Trump will give Putin?


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