Behind the anger of the Democrats?

Kurt Schlichter:
Never have so many been so angry about so little bad news. With nothing real to complain about, they have to hype every silly little thing to the point where they are screeching “Nazi!” at you while you are trying to gnaw on a Quarter Pounder.

Their anger is a giveaway. In poker, it’s called a “tell.” A tell is a little thing a player does that gives away the hand he’s holding. Liberals’ tell is how they constantly bemoan success, and what their tell tells us is that they are eager to trade our prosperity for their power.

But what do they care about our prosperity anyway? They are actively against our prosperity! Proud, self-sufficient people don’t need or want them. The entire business model of the Democratic Party is to keep Democratic constituencies poor and then give them money looted from non-Democratic constituencies. If the Democratic constituencies stop needing handouts, uh oh. What would they need the Dems for anymore?

Better a recession with them in power than prosperity without them in power. Which kind of shows where “Normals’ Happiness” ranks on the Big List of Liberal Priorities – at the bottom, Priority # 2382, right there between “Vegan Pronoun Equity” and “Reforming the FBI.”
Some say the Democrats are having a bad week, but it appears to be stretching into bad years since the 2016 election.  They now are disappointed to hear good economic and jobs news.   They are angry about the increased liberty provided by recent Supreme Court rulings.  More Americans need to wake up to the fact that they are more interested in raw power than in the well being of normal Americans


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