Trump gets lucky with the actions of his domestic adversaries

Michael Goodwin:
In politics, as in life, lucky is the person with clumsy and incompetent enemies. By that measure, President Trump is the luckiest man on Earth.

As illustrated by the growing proof of FBI bias against him and the left’s incoherent rage over his immigration policies, Trump’s political enemies these days resemble the passenger list on a ship of fools.

Consider the expanding revelations of FBI misconduct during the 2016 campaign, especially the text where top agent Peter Strzok vows that “we’ll stop” Trump from becoming president.

Strzok was dumb to make the promise — and doubly dumb for making it to his FBI lover on a government-owned phone. Inspector Clouseau reporting for duty!

Not so long ago, Trump’s claims that Barack Obama’s administration tried to rig the election were widely ridiculed. Now those claims look to be spot on, and added revelations are certain as probes continue into former FBI boss James Comey and others.

Then there is the left’s reaction to the president’s fumble on separating families at the border. Democrats and their media handmaidens declared war with little to say except that Trump is worse than Hitler and all immigrants, legal or not, deserve a welcome wagon.

Those are not winning arguments outside hate-Trump progressive bubbles, but 20 months ­after Trump’s victory, the left remains contemptuous of the values and views of the 63 million Americans who voted for him.
I think Trump support has actually increased from the original 63 million voters.  Much of that is because of the actions of his opponents.


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