Why should states be able to collect taxes from people who do not live there and for whom they provide no government service?

Washington Examiner:
After Wayfair, Congress must shield Internet sales from state and local taxes

If the decision is correct on the law, it must be taken as a signal that the law must change. Otherwise, it would mean that the stay-at-home mom mentioned above could no longer do business unless she is willing to keep records and make regular tax payments, even if the amounts are trifling, to as many as 9,998 different state and local sales tax jurisdictions that each have their own forms and tax rates. If that doesn’t already sound complex enough, the various jurisdictions don’t even agree on what gets taxed. Artisans selling their goods through Etsy will now have to learn which states charge tax on shipping and gift-wrapping costs, because the rules are different everywhere.
Congress needs to fix this problem created by the ruling.  Government greed can kill businesses before they get started.


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