Media attacks on Trump don't sway his supporters

NY Times:

As Critics Assail Trump, His Supporters Dig In Deeper

  • With President Trump’s approval rating at 90 percent among Republicans, his supporters say they defend him because they feel criticism of him is constantly overblown.
  • Their resilience suggests a level of unity that could help mitigate Mr. Trump’s low overall approval ratings and help his party’s chances of keeping control of the House in November.
The mistakes the media and the Democrats have made in their attacks on Trump is to also attack his supporters with insults to their intelligence and insults to their character.  That is a poor form of persuasion that most people outgrow after middle school.  The nastiness of anti-Trump activists against employees of the administration is also backfiring on Democrats.

While many on the left attack Trump's honesty and integrity, he has proved to Republicans that he supports their policy better than most past GOP presidents.  And those policies are working not just to the benefit of Republicans but to previously long-term unemployed people who have been pulled back into the jobs market.

Trump's foreign policy has also been effective in destroying ISIS and moving North Korea to the negotiating table.  He got us out of the terrible Iran deal and is putting pressure on that odious regime.  He is challenging unfair trade practices and pushing for free trade with friends and adversaries.  If those policies are successful the US and the world will be better off.

BTW, did Krugman short the market after the 2016 election?


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