Practice of separating children started with Clinton settlement and was used by Obama, how did NY Times miss that?

NY Times Editorial:

How the G.O.P. Built Donald Trump’s Cages

The cruel practice of separating families at the border started under President Trump. But his fellow Republicans paved the way.
Does the NY Times Editorial board not read its own paper?  The Flores settlement agreement the Clinton administration signed requires the separation when someone is arrested for violating immigration law.  The Obama administration did the same thing.  The kids in cages pictures were mostly from the time when Obama was President.   What the Trump administration did that was different is not permit catch and release which is a practice that ignores the law.

All across America kids are separated from their parents when the parents have committed crimes.  I know a couple that engaged in arm robberies and when they were arrested they were separated from their toddler and a child that was a few months old.  The Democrats goofy response to the border issue is to free all criminals with children.  That is nonsensical.

If you do not think that coming into this country illegally should be criminal offense get Congress to change the law, but I suspect a majority of Americans would oppose such a change.  To attempt to ignore the law is a recipe for lawlessness.

What is really cruel is using kids as human shields for lawlessness.  The Obama administration encouraged this with their reaction to the child migration efforts.  It resulted in trafficking in children and irresponsible parents endangering their children with a treacherous trek through Mexico led by coyotes who have been enriched by the faulty program you apparently support.

As for Republicans "paving the way" go back into your archives and see all the speeches by Clinton and other Democrats who wanted to stop illegal immigration.  At least be honest about your current disagreement with Republicans on the issue.


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