California killer and the sanctuary policy that allowed him to stay and kill

Red States:
This week a Santa Barbara County jury found Victor Martinez, an illegal alien who had been previously convicted of sexual assault, guilty of first degree murder in the brutal 2015 sexual assault, torture, and murder of 64-year-old Air Force Veteran Marilyn Pharis.

Though Pharis was murdered just weeks after Kate Steinle was shot and killed on a pier in San Francisco, and sanctuary policies also directly led to her murder, Pharis’s case has never attracted the publicity Steinle’s case did – and that’s a shame.

The only reason the country heard about Kate Steinle’s case was because the media couldn’t ignore it. Steinle was murdered in broad daylight, in a big city, on a busy pier filled with tourists. San Francisco authorities couldn’t hide or downplay her murder. And, because we still have access to public records in our country, they couldn’t hide her killer’s history.

Marilyn Pharis was murdered under different, easier-to-ignore circumstances. She lived in a sleepy, conservative, agricultural town, and was raped and beaten in her own bedroom. There were just a handful of national media stories at the time she was killed, mostly in relation to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign or “move along, nothing to see here, this has absolutely nothing to do with illegal immigration” opinion pieces (including an incredibly misleading piece by a CNN “National Security Expert”).

Make no mistake, Marilyn Pharis’s death has everything to do with illegal immigration and California’s immoral, despicable, and fatal sanctuary policies.

Marilyn’s killer is an illegal alien who had been arrested six times in the 15 months prior to that tragic day in 2015, and was in the United States at the time of the murder courtesy of Santa Barbara County’s sanctuary policies and California’s TRUST Act.
While his actions were indeed criminal, I think the California policy is also too criminal friendly.  If this man had been deported as he should have he would not have been in Californian to kill and rape.  The Sanctuary policy did not make Marilyn Pharis safer.


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