Attacks on Trump officials will backfire on Democrats--Pelosi is smart to call for civility

Washington Post:
Liberal hostility toward Trump aides could galvanize the GOP base

Recent displays of anger directed toward members of the Trump administration — such as the White House press secretary being asked to leave a Va. restaurant and a speech by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) — could play into the president’s hands.
Too many liberals have lost their composure.  I think it is because they sense that they are are already losing the argument about taxes, the economy, the Russian hoax and now the border invasion by illegals.  Trump supporters are not going to change their minds on policies because Democrats are angry and insult them.  I think Democrat politicians who act like Waters are preaching to a small choir of people who do not handle political adversity very well.  They may appeal to the intellectual lightweights in Hollywood and the fringes of the Democrat party, but they do not appeal to those who swung the election for Trump.


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