Twitter leaves up call for assassination of the President

Washington Times:
While top Democratic lawmakers are wallowing in violent rhetoric — calling out mobs to publicly harass Trump officials, and not firing interns who yell obscenities at President Trump because Mr. Trump is worse — their base is being even less fastidious.

Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin noted an example of direct incitement to murder — and berated Twitter for allowing it to stay despite the obvious violation of Twitter terms of use.

The tweet in question was from a woman named “Kayleigh-Marie,” who wrote “I am f—ing sick of trump and his minions. Can someone just assassinate him already?!?!?!.”

The text was accompanied by a GIF of a gun pointed directly at the camera, making the viewer look down the barrel of the weapon.

The tweet was posted at 11:08 a.m. on June 20 and was screen-grabbed by The Washington Times as still present Wednesday evening. As of 10:33 p.m. Wednesday, the assassination tweet had received 642 retweets and 369 “Likes.”

“Really, @TwitterSafety @jack? One week later and this twisted incitement to assassination against our president is STILL up?” Mrs. Malkin wrote on Twitter.
I suspect that the person posting it and Twitter executives will get a visit from the Secret Service and should. 


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