Silent Trump supporters are going global

Curtis Ellis:
The 2016 election gave us the “Silent Trump Supporter” — Trump voters who would not reveal their true sympathies to pollsters.

This was a great mystery at the time, but seeing now how Trump supporters are routinely denigrated, harassed and vilified, their silence was understandable if not prescient.

In 2018, the Silent Trump Supporter has gone global.

Around the world, government officials and heads of state ritually denounce President Trump to anyone who will listen. But at the same time they are pursuing the game-changing policies the president has championed.

Take this story from the European Union, please.

“China and the European Union vowed to oppose trade protectionism in an apparent rebuke to the U.S., saying unilateral actions risked pushing the world into a recession,” reports the lede sentence in a recent Bloomberg story.

However, European companies are complaining about the “lack of reciprocity between the access to China’s markets that they get, and the access Chinese companies get to Europe.” Brussels also has problems with China’s forced technology transfers, steel overcapacity, cyber espionage and investments targeting critical technology and infrastructure.

And while Eurocrats genuflect to multilateral globalism, they acknowledge the World Trade Organization needs to be updated “to better equip it for the contemporary world.”

How do we know all this? It’s in the same Bloomberg story, buried eleven paragraphs down.

China’s non-reciprocal protection of its home market, its industrial espionage, forced technology transfer, deliberate overproduction of steel and aluminum, and the WTO’s inability to deal with Beijing’s flagrant serial violations– these are the issues President Trump has addressed after decades of diplomatic happy talk and no action.

Count the Brussels bureaucrats as silent Trump supporters.
There is more.

Europe is also moving in Trump's direction on slowing migration.  Canada is also becoming more realistic about migrants, and the drain they cause on resources.  These countries recognize that Trump is right on the issues, but I think they hate to admit it.


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