Immigration seen as good issue for GOP in motivating the base

Washington Post:
Trump embraces hard-line immigration policies as linchpin of GOP’s midterm strategy

Democrats “just want to use this issue — and I like the issue for [the] election, too,” President Trump said while stumping for Republican Sen. Dean Heller in Nevada. But the strategy could be risky, especially for vulnerable candidates in diversifying swing states, such as Heller.
One of the reasons it is a good issue for Republicans is that they see Democrats as cheaters who want to get illegal votes from illegal aliens.  The Democrats feed this belief by their opposition to even investigating illegal voting.  The Democrat party has a history of election fraud and a hostility to efforts to stop it.   Republicans also see illegal immigration as a ploy by Democrats to replenish their shrinking voter base.

The dishonesty of the Democrats and their cohorts in the media about the issue also motivates Republican voters.  Weaponizing empathy is a poor basis for changing immigration laws.


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