Trump signs law opening outside facilities to veterans seeking medical care

Washington Examiner:
President Trump signed into law a bill providing over $2 billion to open new Veterans Affairs department medical facilities and fund care for veterans seeking medical care outside the government system on Saturday.

"This bill will ensure that veterans continue to have the ability to see the doctor of their choice," Trump said during a press conference at the bill's signing. "You're going to have immediate medical care for our veterans."

The legislation, which passed the House unanimously, provides funding for veterans who seek treatment from a private doctor in certain cases. It also allows the Veterans Affairs department to lease 28 new facilities around the country, in an attempt to expand access to government-provided care. That makes it a compromise in the larger debate between conservative and liberal proponents of VA reform.
This appears to be a fulfillment of a campaign promise which may account for the lack of coverage in the mainstream media.  Or it could just be a lack of interest in veteran's health care by liberal organizations.  Liberal proponents of single payer health care have been embarrassed by the significant failures of that system for veterans.


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