30,000 seeking shelter from Houston floods

NY Times:

Nearly 2 Feet of Rain Still Expected to Lash a Paralyzed City

  • With record floodwaters, the Houston region now looks like an inland sea dotted by islands, and officials fear the worst is yet to come.
  • About 30,000 people will seek emergency shelter, and 450,000 are likely to seek federal aid, U.S. officials say.
When you consider that the population of the Houston metro area is in excess of 6 million people, the numbers displaced appears to be much smaller than anticipated.  More rain could drive that number up.  So far Houstonians have pitched in to help their neighbors and volunteers from outside the city have joined the first responders to rescue flood victims.

Gov. Abbott has mobilized the entire Texas National Guard and it is getting logistic support from the US military.  Texas political subdivisions at all levels have pitched in to deal with the natural disaster.  The Trump administration has also been helpful in dealing with the problems caused by the hurricane.

While there has been some criticism of local officials in Houston for not ordering a mandatory evacuation the last time they did that 100 people died during the evacuation compared to a total of four in the Houston area who have died from this hurricane.


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