Houston not the only community hit by devastating rainfall

NY Times:

Hundreds of Towns in Harvey’s Path Hit by Devastating Rain

  • Harvey, downgraded to a tropical depression, moved to the east and punished a region of roughly 11 million people.
  • In Houston, after the first night of a citywide curfew, many residents went outside for the first time in days to survey the wreckage. Officials have reported at least 38 deaths.

Houston, the Limitless City, Is Forced to Consider Its Limits

A muscular metropolitan area that embraced growth now wonders whether growth made its flooding woes worse.
The first story appears to contradict the second one.  Some people resent Houston's growth and they use it as an excuse for the flooding.  But I think if you dropped 50 inches of rain on Washington DC you would have seen the same kind of flooding and Democrats would resist limiting the growth of government.  

What seems clear is that in towns that did not have Houston's explosive growth, they still had unprecedented flooding caused by the relatively slow moving hurricane.  It did not drop more rain than many previous hurricanes that have hit the US, but its slow movement is what caused the flooding.


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