The left's war against free speech

Power Line:

The “heckler’s veto” is not recognized in American law, but it is increasingly becoming a fact of life in American cities. The hecklers are always from the far left, and they generally come armed. This is a scandal of major proportions, but is rarely recognized as such.
Rather than defending Patriot Prayer’s First Amendment rights, local authorities slandered the group in order to justify their own inaction....

“White supremacist” has become a catch-all epithet for anyone the Democrats don’t like. Patriot Prayer has a vague, pro-unity message that has nothing to do with race. Apparently its critics’ theory is that it is secretly white supremacist. But it is hard to find any support for that speculation....
There is much more.

I think it may take legal action against the leftists who try to suppress speech and the public officials who under color of law deny the groups civil right to free speech.  The liberal fascists should not be allowed to deny rights guaranteed by the Constitution.


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