Media continues to exaggerate the threat of 'white nationalism' whatever that is

Washington Post:
How Charlottesville lost control amid a deadly protest

Confusion and conflicting information set the stage for what became one of the most violent white nationalist rallies in decades.
I have never known a white nationalist and to my knowledge never seen one from a distance.  I think they are an insignificant political threat.   The evidence that has, so far, emerged from events in Charlottesville suggest there would have been no violence there if Antifa had not interfered with an otherwise peaceful gathering.

There was no violence on their first night of the gathering when no one interfered with their rally.  On the second day, there was a deliberate attempt to stop people from attending the rally.

Antifa has engaged in violent protest across this country since Trump's inauguration.  They are a far bigger threat to public order and safety than a few racists.  The media seems to be on the side of those who oppose free speech.

There is some evidence that the police allowed the events to spiral out of control by failing to restrict the liberal fascists and those who supported them.  Whether this was by order from state and city authorities may be in dispute, but it is clear from media reports that they did little to keep the two groups separated.

The media is also feeding an online lynch mob of people seeking to out alleged racists.  This is not acceptable.


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