Kelli Ward who ran a close race with McCain in Arizona is leading Jeff Flake

US News:
Kelli Ward was standing inside a community center here fielding a question on the Senate filibuster when she stopped midsentence to answer her cellphone.

It might seem strange or rude for a U.S. Senate candidate to interrupt a publicly scheduled presentation to 100 supporters in order to field a call.

But this was no ordinary call.

Sean Hannity was on the line.

It was the morning after President Donald Trump's rollicking rally inside the Phoenix Convention Center. The nation's eyes were trained on Arizona, and Ward was eager to seize the energy and attention around the moment, booking a flurry of media appearances to position herself as the early and leading torchbearer of the president's movement in next year's midterm elections.

Ward, a 48-year-old physician and former state senator challenging first-term Sen. Jeff Flake in Arizona's Republican primary, stood before her audience with her phone affixed to her ear, waiting for a producer to transfer her to the stalwart Trump defender and conservative Fox News personality for an interview on his radio show.
Ward was visibly delighted at the streak she was having.

"Kinda got the trifecta," she continued. "I got Laura Ingraham yesterday – you guys saw? Ed Rollins – now he's more of a kind of establishment guy – he endorsed me last night on Fox. And now Sean Hannity. I'm having a great week."

At this extremely early vantage point, a year before next August's primary, it's hard to argue with her.
In the past few weeks, she's received an encouraging tweet from Trump – "At first I was nervous. I was like, 'Did he give me a nickname?' … It gave me name recognition that I could not buy," she said – witnessed polling showing her ahead of Flake by double digits and attracted national coverage from significant media outlets that largely shunned her last campaign, which was sandwiched in between the wild presidential primary season and enthralling general election.
There is much more.

The article suggests that she could probably beat Flake, but says there is concern that she might lose to a Democrat opponent.  If she did win it would make for a much stronger GOP senate.


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