Education has completely failed an entire generation

PJ Media:
Video Shows Millennials Supporting Socialism Even if It Causes Starvation
You have to be ignorant of both history and economics to support socialism.  The command economy model has failed everywhere it is tried.  Bakers run out of flower and people stand in line for hours to get what bread they can produce.  Even with computers, no one is smart enough to determine what resources are needed for every business in a country.

Capitalism does this without regulation.  If a baker needs flour he calls up a supplier who is eager to sell it.  If the supplier has too much he reduces the price and if he has too little he raises the price.  In Venezuela where price controls are imposed, there is always a shortage because people can;t increase the price to increase the supply to meet demand.

This generation has been ill served by left wing teachers who are also ignorant of history and economics.


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