Media fraud in the coverage of the Boston free speech rally

The Boston rally was a watershed event. But not in the way the mainstream media has been portraying it, as a bold stand against white supremacy in the wake of Charlottesville. Rather, it demonstrates the power of propaganda to foment mass hysteria and mob rule. Reality no longer matters.

For the media refuses to report this seminal truth: There were no white supremacists or neo-Nazis. None. Not even one. Instead, they engaged in a massive disinformation campaign that spurred over 40,000 “antifascists” to descend upon Boston Common. The alt-left’s goal: to counter-demonstrate against an alleged “white nationalist” rally.

Yet, what they were protesting was the very opposite. The Free Speech rally had nothing to do with white supremacy or the Ku Klux Klan—never mind the violence in Charlottesville. In fact, the rally was planned well before Charlottesville (one even took place earlier this year in May). More importantly, the rally was about defending the First Amendment, stressing the importance of free speech and freedom of expression in an age of growing intolerance.

Remarkably and irresponsibly, bordering on the criminal, the media repeatedly perpetuated the myth that a rally devoted to free speech was a cover for a KKK lovefest. Not one single major media outlet bothered to investigate or search for the facts; like sheep, they ran with the false narrative that Nazis were invading Boston. The reason: They got their marching orders from Mayor Marty Walsh and the liberal establishment.
There is much more.

 Liberal Democrat mayors are engaging in the politics of fraud and the mainstream media is helping to perpetuate that fraud.


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