Trump is reversing Obama policy on law enforcement receiving military gear after Dallas police were needlessly killed by BLM kook

Washington Post:
Trump to restore program sending surplus military weapons to police

The president is reversing a move by Barack Obama to limit the amount of military equipment provided to local law enforcement agencies.
Five officers were killed by a Black Lives Matter sniper in a Dallas garage.  If they had access to a military armored vehicle their lives could have been saved.  Obama canceled the program as he kowtowed to Black Lives Matter who protested a police shooting in Ferguson Missouri.

It turns out that the protest was based on the "hands up, don't shoot" lie told by a guy who was involved in the crime that led to the police shooting.  Black Lives Matter is another violent leftist group that the media gives a pass to just as they do Antifa.  They are both much more dangerous than the neo-Nazis at Charlottesville.

This is a good move by President Trump that will saves lives.


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