Supreme Court steps in to halt judges order against Texas redistricting

Washington Examiner:
The Supreme Court Monday temporarily blocked a lower court's order that directed Texas to redraw two "racially discriminatory" congressional districts.

The decision by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito — who manages emergency filings from Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana — delays a federal court hearing that was set to take place in San Antonio early in September until the higher court can consider the case, according to the Associated Press.

Earlier, a three-judge panel in San Antonio unanimously ruled the two Texas House districts had to be redrawn before the 2018 midterm elections because lawmakers had purposely discriminated against minorities.
Doggett is a hard left Democrat and Farenthal is a conservative Republican.  I knew Doggett from my days at UT and he was also in law school with me.  He is a nice guy, but way too liberal for my taste.  Farenthal actual won in a district drawn to favor Hispanics.  If anything it indicates that Hispanic Texans are not as tribal as Democrats would like to think.

I thought the judges ruling was wrong.  When you consider Texas's statewide voting pattern the fact that there are fewer Democrats elected is consistent with teh statewide vote totals.  In fact, Hispanics can win seats when they run as Republicans.


  1. The unanimous ruling is a mirage. Judge Smith dissented in an earlier ruling in July on which the August orders are based. In a footnote, Judge Smith noted that since the previous ruling was now the "law of the case", the court's August rulings followed logically from the erroneous July ruling.

    Justice Alito's quick action on his own authority is a signal that the lower court will be eventually struck down. He would not have stuck his neck out were he not confident of the support of at least 4 other justices.


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