The Red Guard of the left's attempted cultural revolution

George Neumeyer:
Among the self-appointed commissars of the culture, the hatred for Trump assumes the dimensions of a psychiatric disorder. But like the Soviet commissars of old, they don’t treat their own delusions. They instead rant and rant about the mental health of “dissenters,” those deplorables who refuse to conform to the dogmas of the commissars.

As the unreconstructed liberal columnist Anthony Lewis once sputtered, America needs a “new people.” It must come as bitter news to the commissars that most Americans, according to the latest polling, have no interest in joining their frenzied assault upon Robert E. Lee.

The commissars have had to content themselves with ugly little victories in university towns and urban hellholes. Just visit Baltimore if you want to see what the left’s “fundamentally transformed America” looks like. Its hoodlums and political class are barely distinguishable. Both are drunk on decades of lying PC victimology, out of which has come a criminal sense of entitlement and a barbaric contempt for American tradition. That Baltimore is ground zero for statue-smashing makes perfect sense.

New York City’s mayor Bill de Blasio has ordered a purge of all non-PC statues in the Big Apple. Robert Lee spent a little time in Brooklyn at Fort Hamilton, de Blasio has gravely informed aides. Commissar Cuomo, not to be outdone, has scribbled out a hasty note to the Army, demanding that any avenues on the fort named after Confederates be scrubbed clean.

One of the arguments against Trump last year from critics ostensibly worried about the “integrity of conservatism” was that he would revert to Manhattanite liberalism. He hasn’t. But they have. They can be heard whining about his ban on cross-dressers and transsexuals in the military, his insufficient enthusiasm for Islamic migrants, and now his defense of Robert E. Lee.
There is more, including critics on the right who have embraced the left's cultural revolution.  A few years ago a book about the US military's special troops called the Monument Men who thwarted the Nazis attempt to destroy cultural aspects of Europe was made into a movie.  Who knew that we would need someone to step forward to save our own monuments from destruction from within.  It appears to be another thing the liberal fascists of today have in common with Nazis.


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