The 'resistance' continues to be a political disaster for Democrats

CNN cut away from Karen Handel’s victory speech after the Republican won the special election in Georgia’s 6th congressional district on Tuesday night, just as she was about to begin describing the issues that defined her agenda.

A few minutes earlier, CNN had aired the speech of Democrat Jon Ossoff until it ended. Ossoff was expected to win by most observers, and carried the hopes of the so-called “#Resistance,” which hoped that Tuesday would mark the beginning of the end of the GOP majority in the House of Representatives and of President Donald Trump himself.

On social media, conservatives mocked the downcast faces of CNN’s political journalists, analysts and contributors as they struggled to digest yet another disappointment. Handel’s victory was just the latest in a long string of special elections that the Democrats had expected to win, and it was the one district they felt was well within their grasp. It proved too much for CNN’s Don Lemon, who evidently could not bear to hear Handel explain to him and to CNN’s audience exactly why it was that she had won, and what issues her voters cared about when they went to the polls.
Democrats should get used to being rejected.  They have pinned their hopes on Trump voters abandoning him because of their massive resistance to his agenda.  Hollywood and other West Coast liberals have invested heavily in the effort to no avail.  Perhaps they are spending some of the portfolio gains in the stock market surge since Trump's election.

The fact is that liberalism is not selling outside the fever swamps of liberal enclaves.  Try as they may to disguise it or to make Trump the issue they cannot escape the fact that their political correctness is despised by a majority of voters as is their agenda.


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