The overblown 'blackmail' concerns about Mike Flynn

NY Times:

Flynn Heard C.I.A. Secrets Despite Blackmail Worries

Intelligence officials overwhelmingly agreed that Michael T. Flynn was vulnerable to blackmail, yet Mike Pompeo, the new C.I.A. director, continued to deliver sensitive intelligence briefings in his presence.
I still find it hard to believe that Flynn's perfectly legal conversations with the Russian ambassador could have led to blackmail.  That has always seemed like an overblown excuse by Democrats and others who were hostile to his point of view to get him fired.

Some in the intelligence community have never forgiven him for being right about the dangers of ISIS when Obama and Central Command were pushing a false narrative about the group being a junior varsity team.

I am not excusing his failure to be candid in speaking with the Vice President which resulted in his being asked to resign, but this jihad against him seems over the top.  I am just not buying the insinuation that he was some kind of a traitor.


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