Irresponsible Democrats in the legislature of Illinois put the whole state at risk

NY Times:

‘Everything’s in Danger’: Illinois Approaches 3rd Year Without Budget

Many people who depend on state services — public university students, drug addicts, troubled teenagers, the elderly — have already felt the repercussions.
This is happening because the Democrats made promises they cannot keep to public employee retirement plans that were already overly generous.  They put themselves in this pickle and the only solution they see to it is to increase their confiscatory tax rates that have already put the state in an economic death spiral as the rich they are soaking are leaving the state in droves.

Illinois is an example of the failure of liberalism and the blue model.  It is where the US would be if Democrats had their way with spending on vote buying schemes.  Instead of focusing on those responsible for the mess, the media is focused on what they perceive as a victim class, in hopes that someone will cave and continue the death spiral of higher taxes that kill economic activity and put more jobs at risk.


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