Did Joe and Mika try to get Trump to react to them to increase viewers of their show?

Washington Post:
Mika Brzezinski expresses concern over what tweets reveal about Trump

Brzezinski and her MSNBC co-host, Joe Scarborough, had been scheduled to start a long-planned vacation after their show Thursday, but delayed it so they could address the president’s attack.
I think they wanted Trump to react so people would pay attention to them.  They know Trump is a counterpuncher so they said things to provoke a response and they have to be delighted with the media and political reaction to his response.

These reactions are likely to have zero effect on Trump supporters.  The political and media dogs will bark, but the caravan will move on.  In fact, while some see this as a self-induced reaction, it has taken the media and Democrats off message in their attacks on the Trump agenda.  I don't know if that is what Trump planned, but that is the reality.

Meanwhile, their show may capture a few more liberal viewers today and then go back to being ignored.


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