Climate models suggests that CO2 is not the primary control knob of Earth's temperature

Washington Post:
Rick Perry touts carbon-cutting technology while simultaneously trying to cut its funding

Perry has made comments that he is not convinced carbon dioxide is the primary control knob in warming the atmosphere.
One of the reasons that global warming projections have been so off is they use invalid assumptions.

That is always the reasons for the failure of all projections whether they be for financial purposes or predictions of future temperatures.  I think it is because they overstate the effects of CO2 on the climate.  That leads them to predict dire results that have not materialized.

While the climatistas try to explain away the effects of the sun on climate some argue that the global warming that is happening on Mars is proof that solar activity is probably more responsible for warming.

It is possible that warming, itself leads to more CO2 in the atmosphere.  That would account for the increases in CO2 in previous warm periods when no one was using fossil fuels.

The main reason that the climate change crowd is losing the argument with much of the public is they refuse to engage in the debate and instead call people names like "denier."  This dismissive attitude is not changing minds.  When you are engaging in name calling you are not persuading.  You are acting like a middle schooler in a playground argument.


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