Canada demonstrates how rationed healthcare works

CTV News:
Healthcare wait times hit 20 weeks in 2016: report
A survey by the Fraser Institute found a median wait of 20 weeks for “medically necessary” treatments and procedures in 2016 – the longest-recorded wait time since the think tank began tracking wait times.
There is more.

This is what you get with the single payer system the Democrats are pushing.  This is not to mention the loss of innovation in medicine that is created by the single payer system that free rides on US pharmaceuticals where most of the new drugs are created.


  1. I have a good friend, fellow American and military retiree, who is married to a Canadian lady and is a "landed immigrant." They have doctors on both sides of the border, as do many, who work well with each other. They get things like medicines and emergency treatment in Canada, and things which are necessary but do not meet the emergency threshold in the US.


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