Yet another absurd claim by Trump opponents

Washington Post:
Could Trump’s White House tapes ruse get him in legal trouble?

Legal experts doubt the president would actually be accused of witness tampering. But some of them said it could feed into the obstruction of justice case.
There are several things wrong with this "analysis."  What Trump said was not a definitive statement that there were tapes.  He said something that he believed would force Comey to tell the truth about their conversations and it apparently worked.  After Comey testified Trump felt exonerated.

How could getting a witness to tell the truth be considered witness tampering?  That is absurd on its face.  It is a technique used by trial lawyers in cross-examinations from time to time.  Even Abraham Lincoln is said to have used it.

Why is the Washington Post even giving credence to such a ridiculous theory?  There seems to be no limit on what the left and the media will stoop to in their attempt to justify a coup against the President.


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