The meanness of Obamacare and the President who pushed it

Washington Post:
‘Meanness at the core:’ Obama jumps back into fray to criticize Trump, GOP on health care

Barack Obama had pledged to recede from the limelight, but in defending his White House legacy he is setting up a high-stakes confrontation between a former and current president that is virtually unprecedented in modern times.
This is from a guy who probably has not read the bill he is criticizing.   The meanness at the core of Obamacare required him to use lies to sell it.  It imposed great burdens on small business and especially on people in the individual market where healthcare premiums for lousy insurance went through the roof so Obama could bestow his generosity on Democrat voters.

He drove up the cost by mandating coverage of crap people did not want or need.  It was one of the worse laws ever passed and earned the wrath of the voters who rejected the Democrats who supported the travesty.


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