Turkey's attacks on Kurdish culture are making the case for Kurdish independence

NY Times:

Amid Turkey’s Purge, a Renewed Attack on Kurdish Culture

The authorities have fired people from jobs promoting Kurdish culture, removed statues of Kurdish heroes, shut Kurdish media and jailed pro-Kurdish journalists.
Turkey's Erdogan is an Islamist despot who is carrying out his own version of ethnic cleansing of the culture of people native to the region.  He has become probably the lousiest ally within NATO and his racial hostility and animosity toward the Kurds are roiling the region along with the disruptions caused by ISIS and al Qaeda.  But to Erdogan, the Kurds are the real enemy.

Since it appears clear he will not be fair with the Kurds, it becomes more evident that their best hope is independence from this despotic regime.  The Kurds are far more deserving of their own state than the Palestinians.


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